Board Members

Susan Pantages


Julia Gomez

Vice President

Helen Lin


Paula Block


Elaine Mickle


Dana Cox


Wine Soiree Co-Chair

Glendy Chiang

Past President

Leslie Bellegia

Director at Large

Bob Block

Correspondence Secretary

Rosetter Clippinger


Janice Giardina

Community Events

Dennis Giardina


Rachel Kirk

Read Together Diamond Bar

Jim Hackett

Endowment Fund

Camille Jones

Director at Large

Roger Kirk

Director at Large

Kiran Kumar

Director at Large

Ruth Low

Director at Large

Teresa Wang

Social Media

Nancy Lyons

Wine Soiree Co-Chair

Tony Torng

Wine Soiree Co-Chair

Mary Hackett

Bookstore Manager

Mary Kay Nichols

School Liason

Special Projects

Gordon Van de Water

Director at Large

Kathleen Newe


Board meetings are normally held on the 2nd Saturday of each month in the Windmill Room of the Diamond Bar library. The meetings begin at 8:30 am and they are open to the public. The Board welcomes you to attend any of our meetings. We look forward to meeting you!