Student Essay Contest

Student Essay Contest “How a Book Changed My Life”

The How a Book Changed My Life student essay contest is sponsored by the Diamond Bar Friends of the Library and is an integral part of the annual Read Together Diamond Bar program. There are 3 $300 cash prizes available.

If you’re a book lover, you’ve likely read something, fiction or non-fiction, classic or contemporary, that has left its mark on you. Now’s your chance to express your appreciation to the author with an essay in the form of a letter. In this letter, you’ll describe how the author’s work has altered your worldview or personal life. Who knows -the author may even read it! Don’t miss out on the opportunity. Winners will be announced on Saturday, April 27 2024.

* Open to students ages 13-18
* Entries must be 1,000 words or less
* Must be mailed or dropped off at Diamond Bar Library
* All entries become the property of LA County Library
* This completed form must accompany all essay submissions

All entries are due Saturday, April 6, 2024.

Applications are available at the Diamond Bar Library or for download on the right.

Download a copy of the essay form 2024 Essay Contest Form

Congratulations to our 2023 winners of the Read Together Diamond Bar student essay contest “How a Book Changed My Life”! Scroll down below for links to read the winners’ essays.

The winners are (left to right) Sarah Rojas, Sophia Fang, and Lexington Smith.

Sarah Rojas’ Essay:
Essay Contest Entry 2023- Rojas, Sarah

Sophia Fang’s Essay:
Essay Contest Entry 2023- Fang, Sophie

Lexington Smith’s Essay:
Essay Contest Entry 2023-Smith, Lexington